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8 Ways to Check If It Is Time for an Oil Change

oil-change-service-greenway-chevy-tuscumbia-al1. Have You Exceeded The Mileage Limit? Depending on the type of oil you get, there will be a mileage limit for when it is recommended that you get your next oil change. This mileage limit will vary based on conventional, semi-synthetic, or full synthetic oil. It is also based on the type of driving and the climate that you are driving in. The Tuscumbia AL area has high humidity, high heat and a lot of rain.

2. Have You Exceeded The Time Limit? This is when you have gone beyond a specified number of months before your next oil change. Even though you haven’t driven your car the oil has still been sitting in the car and will degrade.

3. Have You Check The Oil Level Of Your Car? You can do this by looking at the dipstick in your engine bay. Your car’s owner’s manual will tell you what the optimal level the oil should be.

4. Have You Checked The Oil Color? Fresh oil is a transparent light brown. As the oil is used the oil gets dirty and turns into a very dark brown. If the oil is very dark this is an indicator that it is time for an oil change.

5. Have You Checked The Oil Indicator? On modern cars there is an oil life indicator on the dashboard. Sometimes it shows an oil life percentage, and this can be used to best plan for your next oil change.


6. Have You Checked The Oil Texture? Make sure to check this when the engine and engine oil is cool. When the oil gets old it gets gritty and you don’t want that grit around the engine. Fresh oil will feel very smooth.

7. Have You Noticed An   Increased or Unusual Engine Noise? The job of oil is not only to lubricate the engine, but it also keeps engine noise down. Metal-on-metal contact will make noise, as where lubricated metals will make much less noise. As the oil wears out, it becomes less viscous, it can’t lubricate the engine properly, and there will be an increase in noise coming from the engine. What Happens If You Do Not Change Your Oil?

8. Is The Engine Oil Light On? A car engine can only last a few seconds to a few minutes without oil. If your car engine oil light comes on, immediately try to move out of the flow of traffic in to a safe area. Do not try to drive with the oil light on. If you live in the greater Tuscumbia metro area and have any oil change questions please call Greenway Chevrolet Of The Shoals (256) 383-3731.

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